• (L. to R.)
    mi-ya (読み:ミーヤ) (g, key)
    miho (読み:ミホ) (b)
    asami (読み:アサミ) (vo)
    haruna (読み:ハルナ) (ds)
    midori (読み:ミドリ) (g)



    2016年、激情★めたりっちぇのギタリストであったmidoriが加入。同じタイミングで、a DROP OF JOKERの元メンバーで、元SIAM SHADEのNATCHIN率いるロック・バンド21gのギタリストでもあるmi-yaをサポート・メンバーとして迎える。卓越した技術を持つふたりのギタリストによって、強力なツイン・ギター体制が完成した。5つのピースが揃い、バンド名をLOVEBITESとし、本格的に始動。

    2016年11月18日、Disqualia、矢島舞依と共に、東京は渋谷TSUTAYA O-WESTで開催された『WOMEN’S POWER Presents “Girls Band Next Generation”』に出演し、初ライヴを成功させる。

    そして2016年の末から、LOVEBITESとして最初の作品の制作を開始。NIGHTWISHやCHILDREN OF BODOM、AMORPHISらとの仕事でも有名なフィンランドの敏腕エンジニア・チーム、ミッコ・カルミラによるミックス、ミカ・ユッシラによるマスタリングにより研ぎ澄まされた楽曲の数々を詰め込んだEP「THE LOVEBITES EP」が、2017年5月24日に満を持して世に放たれた。

    EPの発売を待たずして、同年5月よりフルレングス・アルバムのレコーディングを開始。8月、mi-yaが正式加入。5人編成となる。そして10月25日、待望の1stフル・アルバム「AWAKENING FROM ABYSS」をリリースする。

    Meet one the most promising rising stars of Japan’s female metal scene, Lovebites. The band consist of, Asami (lead singer), Miho (the band leader and the bassist), Haruna (drummer), Midori (guitarist) and Mi-Ya (guitar and keyboards). The Lovebites sound owes a debt to the many great overseas heavy metal bands that have directly influenced their writing. Coupled with their own unique take on music, with each members eclectic background and experiences, everything has culminated into forging a truly formidable group.

    It all started with a break-up of a girl’s metal band. Miho, who played as a live member in several bands after the break up, decided to form a new band. She called up her old band mate and the ex-drummer of Destrose, Haruna, to put together a new metal band in 2015. Miho and Haruna already had a huge following within the girls’ metal scene do this news spread quickly and created great excitement among many fans.

    Miho and Haruna started their search for band members and fate led them to meet Asami, the lead singer of Lovebites. She was already an experienced singer, having been on the road with Japan’s top stars such as Vamps and Uverworld as their back-up vocalist. Also her wide vocal range and tremendous control, helped to determine the specific Lovebites sound – a deep heavy metal sonic structure with dynamic crystal clear vocals.

    In 2016, Midori, the former guitarist of Gekijo★METALicche, joined the band as a full member, as well as Mi-Ya, (ex-a Drop Of Joker and the guitarist of 21g) as a supporting member. Having the powerful twin guitars of these two distinguished and outstanding guitarists was the cherry on top, and so Lovebites was born.

    On November 18, 2016, Lovebites made their official live debut at “Women’s Power presents Girls Band Next Generation” at Tsutaya O-West in Shibuya, Tokyo, sharing the stage with Disqualia and Mai Yashima.

    Lovebites started working on their first EP at the end of 2016, joined by amazing an engineering team of Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila from Finland who are known for their work with Nightwish, Children Of Bodom and Amorphis to name a few. The Lovebite EP was the culmination of those sessions, released in mid-2017. In August, Mi-ya became a full member of Lovebites and, as a full 5 member group, they released their first full album, Awakening From Abyss, in October 2017.